Out now: Data Fragments

Data Fragments Free Download

AVIO returns to present its new, fresh and energetic hardstyle sound. With three new artists and of course the label founders, AVIO consists out of five acts ready to show you their vision on hardstyle: Aeros, Alphaverb, Blackburn, Ecstatic and Intractable One. A combination of well-known acts and fresh names, all with the common aim to create the future.

Data Fragments
The teasing is over and it’s time to present the future of AVIO with the all-new album DATA FRAGMENTS, containing ten fragments with a broad and diverse sound. Every fragment shows the unique style of the individual acts, together they represent the vision of AVIO. By creating unity through diversity, we are ready to reshape the boundaries of hardstyle.

Data Fragments is now available for free download! Grab your fragment here!

We are AVIO. We create the future.